Step-by-Step Guide:

for School Systems MDI Leads

MDI Lead

Participating school systems typically identify one or two “MDI Lead(s)” to organize and support data collection at the school system level. The MDI Lead is then the point person for ensuring high quality implementation and integrity in use of the MDI survey.


The role of the MDI Lead is critical to the success of the MDI. The MDI Lead’s Role is:


  • to organize and support data collection at the school board level
  • to participate in teleconference and professional development sessions provided by HELP
  • to support teachers and principals as needed
  • HELP’s role is one of consultant and guide. We provide ongoing support and resources to ensure smooth implementation of the MDI and dissemination of results.

MDI Checklist


STEP 1: Review the MDI Administration Timeline and resources for communication to your school principals in the Principal Package.

STEP 2: Distribute introductory email and package of resources to principals

Inform principals about the MDI. You can copy this draft email template and send it to principals in participating schools as soon as possible. It contains a checklist and supporting resources for administering the MDI in their schools, as well as the link to this MDI Administration Portal. This should be sent as soon as possible.

STEP 3: View the MDI School Board/District Administration Training Webinar

HELP hosted a webinar for MDI Leads presenting an overview of the process for MDI Implementation, highlights of best practices with an opportunity for questions. A recording of the webinar is available here.


STEP 4: Distribute MDI Consent Information Letters

Consent information letters describe the project and details involvement for principals, teachers and parents. Parents must receive the information letter 4 weeks prior to the start of implementation (not including the winter break) and have the option to withdraw their child from participation. Participation is voluntary for principals, teachers, parents and students.


STEP 5: Upload class lists and distribute survey administration materials

Class list information is downloaded from the school system database and uploaded to the secure MDI website. If your School Board/District is manually uploading your class lists and you require assistance, please contact us at MDI administration materials are distributed to survey administrators.


STEP 6: School Survey Administration Training Webinar

School Boards/Districts may choose to host survey administrators training sessions, or direct survey administrators to a training webinar hosted by HELP on Thur, January 6 at 3:15pm PST. A recording of the webinar is available here. Also, the MDI Survey Administration Training Video is a brief training video available for teachers and principals to view the essential information about administering the MDI survey to their students.


STEP 7: Survey Administration

Teachers, principals or other school administrators administer the survey between January 11 and February 28. Typically, the survey takes students 45 – 90 minutes to complete depending on their age and reading level.

STEP 8: Complete the MDI Feedback Survey

How did it go? Let us know on the MDI Feedback Survey!

STEP 9: You did it! Thank you!!

Your data is coming…get ready at!

Have questions about MDI Implementation?

If you have and questions about implementing the MDI and the various steps along the way please don’t hesitate to contact us.