Getting Started with the MDI

Find out the best way to retrieve, understand and share MDI data

There are many opportunities to use the Middle Years Development Instrument in your community, whether you wish to administer the survey or explore and use data that has previously been collected. Below, we give an overview of how MDI data are reported, shared, and used to create change. Community members, health authorities, non-profit organizations, school systems and families will all find opportunities to make use of the MDI tool and data. Explore these sections to learn more.

Accessing MDI Reports

MDI reports are a powerful tool to understand children’s well-being across multiple contexts (for example, schools, home, and community) and to catalyze action to support children’s assets and well-being. Our MDI Companion Guide provides more detail on the data included in reports.

Exploring MDI Data

We share multiple resources to support your exploration of MDI data. Become familiar with the research behind the MDI and the full MDI survey and its dimensions to support your use of MDI data.

Sharing MDI Data

MDI reports provide valuable information on five dimensions of children’s lives in and out of school, and are of interest to many stakeholders. Consider our tips to share MDI data in a meaningful way.

Making Change with the MDI

Our vision at the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) is “all children thriving in healthy societies.” The MDI is a comprehensive tool, yet the power of the survey is in using the data to create positive, healthy change. We share ideas and examples of ways to further engage with the data to inform school and system planning, build intentional partnerships, and connect with curriculum.

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