MDI Administration Portal

Instructions and resources for administering the MDI

Welcome to the MDI Administrator Portal, where you can find instructions and resources to guide you through the process of administering the MDI.

Thank you for working with us this 2021-22 school year! MDI School District and Community Reports 2021-2022 will be made available here end of May. 


We encourage you to explore Discover MDI – the Field Guide for the Middle Years Development Instrument. It is a powerful tool to understand and support children’s well-being and positive development in the middle years. Discover MDI guides you on your journey with the MDI—from understanding the MDI and its importance in middle childhood, to collecting, exploring, and sharing MDI data, to using MDI data to catalyze action to improve the mental health, well-being, and resilience of children in the middle years.

“Phenomenal. I found it really easy to follow. It was my first time administering the MDI, both for me and for our school. And of course, everyone is super busy, but I found the resources, webinars etc so helpful as it was all laid out and explained really well. It really helped make the process really smooth and easy to administer. So a big thank you from me!”
- MDI Survey Administrator, 2020-21

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